Sunday, 1 May 2016

What is a Mace shop?


We've traded under the Mace symbol at Keelby since 2011. But what is Mace?
The Mace brand began in the early 1960s, and had many owners over the decades. The Mace name in England and Wales passed to the grocery wholesaler Palmer & Harvey when they acquired Booker Wholesale Foods in 1999. The Arberness group held the Mace name in Scotland until it was bought by Somerfields in 2004, and Somerfields sold the brand to Palmer and Harvey in 2005.

In 2014 the Costcutter group joined Palmer and Harvey, and took over the management of the Mace operation.

Mace shops like the one at Keelby are independently owned, but trade under the Mace symbol. In return for guaranteeing at least 75% of the shop's purchases will be made from Palmer & Harvey/Costcutter, the shop is allowed to buy at prices normally only available to large supermarket chains. The wholesaler provides advertising materials, too.

In Southern Ireland, the Mace name is owned by BWG Foods, and is completely independent from the Costcutter/Palmer and Harvey operation. A management buy-out from BWG Foods in 2003 put the Mace shops in Northern Ireland into independent hands, but this operation was bought by the Musgrave group in 2007. Mace in Northern Ireland is completely separate from Costcutter/Palmer & Harvey.

So there it is!

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