Friday, 7 January 2011

Yo ho ho me hearties

Well, two cheers for 2011 so far - the snow from 1st December has now almost completely gone (causing some burst pipes) and everyone has got coughs and colds! But we're going to zonk away all those mid-Winter blues with some serious merry-making!

Tickets for the Keelby Cricket Club annual panto "Treasure Island" are selling like hot cakes - ask about them in either of our shops.

And we're getting all prepared for Burns Night, January 25th., too.

People ask why Burns night is special for us. Well, Jayne used to be a nurse on the Burns and Plastics unit of Leicester Royal Infirmary, so when David and Jayne were first going-out, we made a big thing about Jayne being a Burns Nurse. We've eaten haggis on Burns Night ever since - 21 years and counting, folks! 

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