Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nice Nosh

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It's Spring, and we have been trying to get more adventurous with our cooking. This week we have had chicken & pasta in a home-made peseta, bell peppers stuffed with couscous (twice), home-made chicken kebabs, lemon mint & asparagus risotto and (last night) steak with little garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes and over-roasted fennel in a Nicoise dressing. All made from things we sell in the shops! Good stuff

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jayne's back home

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Jayne's back home from hospital, but it will be a few days before she's fully back in action. Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jayne Thanks Everyone for Their Well-Wishes!

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Jayne was a bit poorly this week - since the start of January she has been very chesty, and sometimes has struggled to catch her breath (especially at night). On Tuesday morning she was struggling so much we took her to A&E at Grimsby hospital. They admitted her, and found the trouble was due to a build-up of fluid in her lungs. They have given her medicines, and the fluid problem is now under control. We hope to get her back home on Monday 13/05/13 but it will be a little while after that before she is able to work in the shop.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

David's Fingers Go Green!

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David has got hanging baskets to fill with pansies for outside the Limber shop! And Friday saw him digging the stretch of roadside verge that got covered with compost last year. You may remember, a tractor was pulling a trailer full of compost past the shop when the coupling came loose and the trailer overturned, demolishing the crash barrier on the roadside and knocking down a lamp post. The council came to repair the lamp post and barrier, and to smooth out the great pile of compost that was left behind. Over winter that bit of the roadside has remained bare earth, compacted by flooding and the snow. David has bought a packet of grass seed, and hopes that by breaking up the earth he can get it to grow - we shall see!